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Organizational Structure

What is the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program

Who is Literacy Northwest?

Literacy Northwest (LNW) is one of sixteen Anglophone literacy networks, in the province of Ontario, that are funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (TCU).  Its purpose is to support and promote adult literacy in the districts of Thunder Bay, Kenora and Rainy River (Northwestern Ontario). 

What does Literacy Northwest Do?

   Support TCU-funded delivery agencies to deliver coordinated, quality LBS services responsive to emerging needs (identified by the community and government) within an integrated employment and training system.

 Provide support for Ministry led initiatives using a model of continuous improvement.

 Develop and provide accessible, quality resources that support TCU-funded agencies to deliver a quality LBS Program.

 Support professional development of TCU-funded agencies to effectively deliver the LBS Program.

Support the production and integration of research and development results and products that are linked to and support the LBS Program.

Organizational Structure 

Literacy Northwest is a voluntary, non-profit, incorporated organization that is membership driven.  It has an elected Board of Directors comprised of seven (7) individuals, who are either individual network members or affiliated with a member literacy agency, from urban and rural communities in the Northwestern Ontario region. 

Literacy Northwest strives for a Board structure that reflects the literacy sectors and streams represented by its membership.  (Sectors: College, Community-Based and School Board.  Streams: Anglophone, Deaf, Francophone and Native)

What is The Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program


Eligible learners must be:


Adults at least 19 years old 


Without the literacy skills necessary to find and keep a job, or to meet everyday needs


Out of school


Able to demonstrate progress

Consider LBS

The Ontario Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program assists adults to develop basic skills (reading, math, communication, and computer basics) in order to reach the goals of:

Further Education or Training

The LBS program is free and confidential.  Although it focuses on unemployed adults, the program is open to any Ontario adult.

In most communities training is available September through to June, and is offered both during the day and in the evenings.  Some communities however do offer training year-round.

LBS Services

Services offered by the Literacy and Basic Skills program throughout Ontario include:

1. Information and Referral

Information is given about local programs, questions are answered and learners are referred to programs suited to their needs.

2. Literacy Assessment

Literacy skills are assessed and learners are assisted in setting learning goals.

3. Training Plan Development

A personal training plan that maps out training and sets time lines is developed for each learner.

4. Training

Learners receive skills training related to their goals. Various instructional methods may be used to achieve measurable progress. (i.e. one-to-one tutoring, distance education, small group and/or large group instruction).

5.  Follow-up

The value and effectiveness of LBS training activities and services are evaluated by contacting learners at three and six month intervals after they leave the program.

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